Here’s 10 ‘Halloween’ Sequels I’d Like To See Happen

Blumhouse Producer Jason Blum recently said he’d like to make ten sequels to ‘Halloween’ given the chance. His exact words, via Moviefone:

We’re not shooting any “Halloween” movies right now because we don’t have deal rights to the sequels. But I certainly hope to make 10 more but I’ll start with one more.

The many worries and fears I have over what’s going on with the rights aside, (here’s a video about it)….. let’s pretend you had the power to make any ten ‘Halloween’ sequels.

Not many successful franchises can say they’ve been through as much shit as the Halloween franchise. Ironically, I find the series beauty within its scars. Some people call it the ‘create your own adventure’ franchise with all the starts, stops and changes in canon. It’s broken, but it’s beautiful. There is endless lore and opinion and that’s what makes conversations like this so fun.

I understand that ninety percent of the movies I’m about to list will never happen but we don’t have to play by those rules. So, in the immortal words of 1989 Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne…. “LET’S GET NUTS” (Smashes stuff with fireplace poker)

  1. A Sequel to ‘Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers’

Sure, the cult story line is more bat shit and confusing than your drunk Uncle’s political Facebook rants. But who hasn’t wondered where the story would have gone next?

Here’s the question: Do you pick up where the theatrical cut left off or the producer’s cut? Personally, I don’t want to see anyone play Dr. Loomis other than Donald Pleasance if possible (we’ll break this rule later). So, we’ll go theatrical cut in which Loomis passes away at the end.

This leaves us with Michael surviving the Paul Rudd pipe attack (Best name for a punk band EVER!) and on the loose. The sequel picks up with Michael hellbent on murdering every last member of the cult of thorn for trying to control him in the first place. Once Michael starts picking them off, a few of the remaining members desperately seek out Michael Myers expert Tommy Doyle (now seasoned actor, Paul Rudd) for help.

Disgusted, Tommy turns them away, but SURPRISE! They’ve led Michael straight to Tommy’s doorstep where he lives with his wife Kara Strode and two sons, Stephen and Danny. Boom.

2. A Proper follow up to ‘Halloween V’ starring Danielle Harris

I know that ‘Halloween 6’ was the official sequel to ‘Halloween V’, which is why I used the word “proper” in the title. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a guy who wishes ‘Halloween 6’ didn’t exist. What I do wish is that iconic Halloween franchise character Jamie Lloyd received a proper send off.

What happened in ‘Halloween 6’ in regards to Jamie was a travesty both to the character and actress Danielle Harris; Who apparently wasn’t given a serious offer to return to the role, despite legally emancipating herself from her parents so that she’d be able to work the set hours required. That’s fucked up, Hollywood.

One thing you must give Rob Zombie credit for is hiring Harris for roles in both of his ‘Halloween’ iterations. She responded with good performances in both films. I feel like both Harris and Scout Taylor Compton are each ridiculously underrated actresses. It’d be amazing to see someone make a one off “what could have been” sequel to ‘Halloween V’, finishing off the trilogy and wrapping up the Jamie/Michael story line in better fashion.

Number one order of business? Fix that fucking mask. Then bring in Michael Myers actors George P. Wilbur and Don Shanks for small cameos, as they did with Nick Castle in ‘Halloween’ 2018. Most importantly bring back Danielle Harris as Jamie Lloyd.

If Laurie gets closure in five different films why can’t we give it to Jamie just once?

3. ‘Halloween 9’ as a proper follow up to ‘H20’

Maybe the only great thing about ‘Halloween: Resurrection’ is that the film technically finishes the Laurie Strode story line and proceeds to mess with NOTHING else in the ‘Halloween’ franchise canon. The rest of the reality TV ‘Dangertainment’ shit sandwich story line doesn’t affect anything else in Michael Myers canon whatsoever. You can wash your hands of it and pretend the rest of the movie never happened. Like most of us do anyways.

The end of ‘Resurrection’ has Michael waking up in the morgue, mask fucked up but still completely alive. ‘Halloween 9’ will pick up after the morgue scene.

It’s so simple. Michael Myers escaped. A (better) mask goes missing. Laurie’s son John (played hopefully by a returning Josh Hartnett) has started a new life as far from California as possible. Way up north, where there’s a shit load of snow. Michael comes to finish what he started. Not only do we get the completion of the Myers bloodline story, but we get the imagery of Michael Myers in the fucking snow.

4. ‘Halloween 9’ as the Cancelled ‘Halloween Returns’ Script

For a full recap of the ‘Halloween Returns’ script check out our video HERE.

‘Halloween Returns’ was a script that was due to go into development before being unexpectedly cancelled due to all the crazy shit happening at Dimension Films.

The script was to envision Michael being captured the night of his original murders in 1978’s ‘Halloween’ film and have him put on death row, only to escape. The script had some fantastic moments in it and captured the ‘Halloween’ atmosphere in some amazing ways. The break out scene after Michael is given lethal injection is fucking killer and the ending is even better.

Michael kills multiple teenagers and escapes before police close in on him, but not before writing on the wall and in blood “This town will never be safe again.” Freeing him officially of the family story line and instead sending him on a revenge tour of an entire town. He wants everyone dead and no-one is safe. Amazing.

The big change I suggest we make here is that instead of picking up after the first one as the most recent ‘Halloween’ film did, we pick up at the end of ‘Resurrection’. Michael wakes up in the morgue, goes on a killing spree that makes for an amazing opening scene and is then captured.

You move some characters around but keep Michael’s story the same here. He’s captured, put on death row, escapes and ends up on a quest for revenge against the entirety of Haddonfield. Another possible role for Josh Hartnett here as he’s come back to town to watch Michael’s execution.

I suggest he dies at the end and that it’s his blood Michael writes his message to the town in. This ends his family vengeance and sets Michael on a new, unshackled path with endless possibilities.

5. A Remake of ‘Halloween 4’

Please stop screaming at your computer and listen. I love ‘Halloween 4’. The Halloween atmosphere is off the charts. It’s a goddamn blasty blast of a movie…but it is broken in some extremely important areas. Starting with the mask and the shoulder pads under the jump suit. A simple fix that would make this movie astronomically better. Replace the garbage $29.99 Party City mask for a legit mask made by Chris Nelson and the FX team behind the 2018 mask and hire James Jude Courtney to play Michael (Again, a couple of shots for George P. Wilbur would be a cool nod for an excellent dude).

Remake the film nearly shot for shot and be sure to include that intro.

All of this hinges on one thing, however. A real back breaker. The ‘Halloween 4’ remake can only be made if you can find the ABSOLUTELY PERFECT actor for Dr. Loomis. Anything less than a sure bet and this thing is a no go. I don’t even really want to fathom it, but IF and I mean IF you could find the perfect actor? It could be a fun homage to one of the best ‘Halloween’ films out there.

The ‘Halloween Returns’ script mentioned above features a post credits sequence in which Gary Oldman appears as Loomis. It’s thought provoking.

6. ‘Halloween H10’

I’m joking about the title but haven’t you ever wondered what Michael did between the events of ‘Halloween II’ and ‘H20’ ? (The timeline ignored every Halloween sequel between the two films) You could go wild here and have Michael in some random ass situations. A refreshing break from the family focus. Anything you want, really. OR he could be on the search for Laurie and info as to her whereabouts.

The comic books and novelizations fill in some of these spaces in a most interesting way. Even changing the fate of Dr. Loomis that was explained to us in the opening credits of ‘H20’. Instead of dying of natural causes the way he does in the film, Michael shows up and murders Dr. Loomis in the most heinous of ways between the two films. He then cleans up the mess afterwards and disappears, making it look as though Loomis died of natural causes.

Again, I’m not excited about the prospect of re-casting Loomis, but this is just an example of the kind of interesting situations you could be putting Michael Myers in.

7. Rob Zombie’s Proper ‘Halloween 2’

Remember, this can never happen. It’s just what I want. Rob Zombies ‘H2’ started off so well that I get physically angry every time I watch it. Laurie in the hospital broken into a million pieces and Michael brutally stalking her through the halls, murdering people along the way (including Oscar winning actress Octavia Spencer).

The setup was beautiful. Michael more brutal than ever and in full on rage mode, putting Tyler Mane’s physical presence to good use. Watching Laurie survive this mess was going to be one of the hardest challenges we’d ever seen a final girl endure. Then it turned out to be a fucking dream sequence. Then the audience was forced to watch Rob Zombie’s fever dream for the remaining hour and a half.

I want to see that original dream sequence play out. It doesn’t have to be a ‘Halloween II’ remake. Just keep up that level of intensity and definitely keep up the berskerker Michael attitude. Who knows how many sequels that movie would have spawned?

8. ‘Halloween: Unhinged’

It’s Halloween night in Haddonfield. Michael wants to kill. Give him interesting characters and put them in his path. A completely canon free, motivation unknown story featuring different characters and victims in each film. No tie ins to other characters necessary. No previous story lines to hinder the narrative. Set Michael free and let Haddonfield try and survive him. We don’t know why he’s doing this. That’s why it’s so fucking scary.

9. My Bat Shit Crazy ‘Halloween 9’ Idea

The film opens with the ending of ‘Halloween: Resurrection’ as Michael opens his eyes in the morgue. The first half of the film takes place here, as Michael stalks and murders the workers there. After intense moments and a high body count Michael is not apprehended, but killed by the responding law enforcement. They take their time this time, shackling him down for days before moving forward. When it is determined he is officially deceased his corpse is moved to a funeral home.

There is much discussion as to what to do with the body. Incineration makes the most sense, but for some stupid reason (Perhaps an asshole Haddonfield politician named Lonnie?) they decide to put his body on display in an open funeral. A power move to show that Haddonfield had finally killed their tormentor.

Michael’s corpse is put in a casket as the families of his victims or anyone who’s lives have been touched by his carnage are invited. Almost like an execution. Only it’s a fucking circus. What’s better on Halloween than a celebration of the dead?

Michael has everyone he wants in one building. He rises from the casket. You can guess what happens next.

If you want to get really crazy? Have the cult of thorn show up in full regalia at the service, locking everyone into the funeral home with Michael and cutting the power. It’s risky….but fuck me if I don’t want to see it play out on screen.

10. Halloween 2018 Part II

This is the film we’re most likely to actually receive and I’m fine with that, too. The question is… how to move forward? For all the talk of Laurie and Michael no longer being siblings…. Leaving Laurie alive at the end of ‘Halloween’ all but guarantees they put her in Michael’s path yet again in the sequel. How do you avoid telling the same story, yet again?

Perhaps make this the Michael Vs. Laurie trilogy and then re-gauge audience interest and box office after the third films release? As you can tell by my ideas above, I’m more interested in what’s next for Michael beyond Laurie.

I’d love to see Blumhouse be the company to continue making Halloween films, regardless. ‘Halloween’ 2018 was made for passion first and money second; A luxury most horror icons never receive again after their initial entries. We’re very lucky Michael is back and in the right hands. Hopefully this rights situation gets handled swiftly and he stays there.

What would you like to see? A linear story line with straight up, safer sequels? Or would you like to see a series of spin off films and one off Michael stories, plugging in the gaps of the franchise? It’d probably be too hard for the every day movie goer to follow but us hardcore Halloween fans can dare to dream. KILL FOR HIM DANNY.

Thanks for reading my article! If you liked it, please follow! If you enjoy videos about the ‘Halloween’ franchise please check out our Youtube channel We Watched A Movie. For anything else, hit me up email!




I write about movies but I’d rather it feel like we were having a beer together and oversharing. Co-Owner of WeWatchedAMovie. Dad to two amazing assholes.

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Mike Holtz

Mike Holtz

I write about movies but I’d rather it feel like we were having a beer together and oversharing. Co-Owner of WeWatchedAMovie. Dad to two amazing assholes.

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